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Successfully equipping complex trauma survivors with the skills they need to feel better and succeed in life. This online learning center is made possible by the incredible members of CPTSD Foundation and generous supporters who believe in the importance of healing from complex trauma.

Who We Are

CPTSD Foundation is devoted to providing survivors of complex trauma and practitioners with trauma-informed support, skills, and education. 

We believe every survivor has the ability to heal from their past. 

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What We Offer

CPTSD is committed to providing resources and information, both free and low cost, to survivors across the globe. We are continually working on new courses and educational materials designed to aid you in your healing journey.

Daily Recovery Support

Trauma-informed support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For as little as $50.00 per month you can join us, be encouraged, and learn skills you can use every day in your healing journey. 

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Free Support Groups

We offer secret, safe groups on Facebook, where you can join other survivors who are healing in safe community. We have several groups to choose from.

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Healing Book Club

You can join our Healing Book club for $5.00 per month,  as we read through and discuss trauma healing books & resources every Saturday, in a safe, group atmosphere. 

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More is on the way

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